New Pokemon announced!

So the next generation of Pokemon has been announced and with it new Pokemon woooooooo, so whats a fan to do but to draw speculative evolutions to the official starter pokemon. So lets start with the adorable little Owl, Rowlet. The left most critter is official Nintendo artwork for Rowlet so I tried my best to imitate the style with my fake pokemon evolutions, did I do good?

Rowlet Evos


151 Pokemon Design Challenge No.18 to No.30

A large batch of my Fakemon designs, you can see additional info on each one by going here


002 Lycanthum

005 Salignis

008 Maliped

012 Orlbi

024 Thronut

032 Grotisk

079 Charcore

088 Drune

093 Cuppa

094 Brewtle

098 Astris

104 Sporitti

060 Espawn

151 Pokemon Design Challenge No.14 to No.17

065 Zipling

A little bird pokemon based off a humming bird.

091 Fafri

A sickeningly sweet tooth fairy pokemon.

140 Diodini

My first evolution of a three stage dragon Pokemon.

132 Revevian

And last but not least a Pokemon request by a friend based off a hero from the game Dota 2 called Vengeful Spirit.

151 Pokemon Design Challenge No.12 and No.13

A little bit on the creepy side for a Pokemon but I really like the concept.

075 Doctyl

The one below has to be one of my favourites I’ve produced so far, and with unique typing I am sure it would do well in battle.

076 Vaccseer



151 Pokemon Design Challenge No.11

The mean looking evolution of that cute little sheep ‘fakemon’ I did previously.

055 Capryseum


151 Pokemon Design Challenge No.10


054 Gossilamb

D’aww I love how this turned out. The concept was a plant/animal hybrid that would produce cotton instead of wool.

151 Pokemon Design Challenge No.8 and No.09

My addition to the evolution lines of the original Pokemon Eevee know by fans as Eeveelutions, introducing the dragon type Wyveon.

133 Wyveon


And this little fellow is Bulbini.

068 Bulbini





151 Pokemon Design Challenge No.7

009 Malitusk

I am really happy with how this one turned out, my brief was a poisonous walrus and I think I achieved that he does look a bit bear-ish but that aint a bad thing.

151 Pokemon Design Challenge No.6

006 Galvanda Sparky


This one was extremely fun to draw. Its infant form had so many possibilities to develop into being based on a newt tadpole. The name Galvanda came from the mixtures of the words Galvanism and Salamander, so this creature could not only burn you but also electrocute you quite dangerous.

151 Pokemon Design Challenge No.5

003 Vulgaia


Vulgaia, I came up with this design by combining common British botanical elements together with a fox like creature, resulting in this ferocious looking beast.