Hello and welcome to the blog and art portfolio of me, Leon Roberts. I am a South Wales based artist with experience in character design, games design, UI/UX design, animation and illustration. I love video-games, drawing , nature documentaries and anything sci-fi/fantasy. Have a poke about and tell me what you think, I am available for commissions of any sort.

My tools of choice are Photoshop, Spriter, Paint Tool Sai, 3ds Max.



3 responses »

  1. Gem says:

    I love all your creature designs, they’re so cute! 😀 I guess it’s quite suitable you’re helping to make mobile game graphics, I think the things they’re lacking most is cuteness.

  2. Hi sir,Can i request you about your infused design?I like it so much can you help me with that because i will make it our team banner 🙂

  3. David Rehme says:

    Hi I wonder If you could do a gaming team logo me and my friends plays computer games and we want to start a team but we need a logo for that. If youy want to help me plz send me a E-mail 🙂

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