Absolutely love this site, when ever I am feeling uninspired a couple of minutes on this site and I am ready to go,



I was shown this in Norway, i love the morphing sequence in the middle of the animation i especially like how hair and clothing is used to emphasize a movement.

A heart felt animated short I saw sometime last year a really nice piece, short and sweet.

Blur Studios A Gentlemens Duel

A really funny character piece, i like how it looks like the mesh hasnt been skinned on the character very well. and the animation style is almost puppet/toy like the way the character waddles and bounces.

This animation i believe was amazingly done by one man

A really funny animation

I love the little paper birdies, very nice style

Oscar nominated short Lavatory Lovestory

A stunning and moving animation La Maison en petit cubes (the House of small cubes) in 2 parts

Part 1

Part 2

A creepy but beautiful short by Rodrigo Blass. I love the concept and character designs. very nice piece


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