Dino-ville Promotional Material

This was a planned project that needed funding from one of my previous employers. I was tasked to try and sell the idea of a Farm-Ville style game that contained Dinosaurs, over a period of 3 days this is what I created;

Dino Village


Several different skins of dinosaur, the idea being you could customise you little pet how you wanted.

Wireframe turn arounds.


Coloured Turn-around


This is the final product, its not the best quality animation or overall look but I was proud of it at the time and it taught me alot about working under pressure.


University Work


This is my third year Animation/Artist Showreel, it may seem that I didn’t do much but half way through my third year I was scouted by a local game developer and then subsequently worked there while that contributed to my final grade which was an Upper 2:1 so I was very pleased. But in hindsight I regret that choice.




This is a rigging and deformation test video that I did for my character Yvari, I thoroughly enjoyed rigging in uni but that was my problem I enjoyed the whole range of stuff available on my course be it animation, modelling, skinning and rigging.




These are 2 personal favourites of mine that I did during my third year.

A little robot character I made that posed as the enemies of a game concept I came up with. Push the button on its back and its brain casing would fly open.


And this one just because of how much fun I had during the process.


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