Graphic Artist, Concept Artist – Oysterworld Games.

Pooka GUI

Concept Art for a Prototype Project

click to enlarge

Coblin Kart Concepts 00 Coblin Racers 02 Coblin Road Warbler Hat Variations 00 Coblin Road Warbler Hat Variations 01 The Road Warbler Racing Logo 08 Racing Logo 09

Artist, Animator, Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Game Design – ChaosTrend.

ChaosTrend is a small iphone games and software developer. I had loads of fun and learned quite a lot about both the good side and bad side of running your own business.

I was basically the creative director when there and I loved the role, never before have I had so much freedom when designing. I was responsible for everything visual both creation and concept, I had input on ui, animation, design everything so it was particularly nice seeing the positive response when we were showing the game to people outside the business. very pleased.

The game is called ‘Super Jet Pack Penguin’ (i know awesome huh?) and it is out now for Android and Apple IOS phones.

The main objective is direct the penguin (you) to the end of the level while racking up points by collecting fish of varying values, there are also enemy creatures which can be killed by using a variety of powers.

Here are some of those edible fish along with some enemies.

Here are some promo screens I made that are shown next to the game in the appstore and itunes.


App Store Icon.




Some screenshots.

Main level screen.


Power and Jetpack Equip Screen.


Level Select Screen.


Here are some more of my art assets.

Art Assests 1

Art Assests 2

Art Assests 4

Art Assests 3

If you like what you see feel free to download it from itunes or the app store and it is  available for both the IOS and Android systems… Its free yes you heard me its FREE!

Here is the official game play demo video.



Artist, Graphic Design, Branding – E-Sports Logos and Banners

This is some work I completed for a friends Dota 2 team that would represent them while in game. The banners are shown on the top of the screen next to their score, the square logo is shown in-game on the floor of their base and the long vertical image is shown on flags dotted around their half  the map. The team name is BBQ Chicken E-Sports because you know, why not.

BCE logo


BCE logo long


BCE flag BCE small rect



Below is how my images were displayed in game for all 10 players and numerous spectators to see.

Click to Enlarge.







The logos above have been seen by hundreds of people and seemed to go down well in the UK Dota 2 community. They were used to represent the team at i49 (insomnia gaming festival aka  iSeries) 2013 where they came 3rd and won a prize pool of £450. After their performance at iSeries 49 they were then picked up by the sponsors at Team Infused and then became their official Dota 2 team changing their name to Infused and adopting their branding which I helped set up.


Infused small rect

Infused flag


Less personality in my opinion but it is good for the team that they got sponsored. Sponsorship means that they get free gear like gaming headphones, mice, chairs and keyboards alongside free tickets and accommodation at gaming festivals and competitions. My job with the above images was minimal, I took the official Team Infused logo and composited it on the above images matching the colour and style of the official Team Infused branding.




Artist, Graphic Design, Branding – Microcosm Games 

Game Gift Finder – an application that helps users collect all the Facebook gifts for all the games they play.







GGF 00


GGF 01

I was personally responsible for icon design, layout and all art assets associated with the app except for those representing the other games on Facebook.


Push the Button – a simple viral one click type game that involves the collection of points by pressing buttons.

PTB 02

PTB 03


My credits for this app include those for icon/button design, character design and layout.


Company Website – Art Assets for Microcosm’s Website


Mgames web 00



Mgames web 01



Credited for the icons, buttons, logo and banner designs.

Link to Microcosm Games Website




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