151 Pokemon Design Challenge No.4

My take on the customary electric rodent pokemon.

023 Dormzi


Pokemon Design Challenge

I have created a fictional location for my Gen to exist in and refined the designs of 2 of the starter pokemon the player would choose from.

000 Map of Yuekay

Graphically based around the maps of the first 3 pokemon games. I really enjoyed doing this, it was fun to try and incorporate UK and Ireland’s main cities into the game map. Being Welsh I was a bit biased as to the location of the more advanced areas of the map.


001 Verdix

Number One on my fictional pokedex is the grass fox pokemon, Verdix.

0004 Tadcoal

Second is the lava tadpole, Tadcoal.

007 Odopup


And the final one of the starter pokemon in my non official pokemon roster is the water pup pokemon, Odopup.

000 Starter Comp


Having seen all 3, who would you choose?

Pokemon Design Challenge

I have been a fan of pokemon since I was 11 and that was an unspeakable number of years ago anyway, so recently I discovered an Indy project that involved fans making a pokemon game (http://capx.wikia.com/wiki/CAPX_Wiki)  which included them coming up with and designing the whole roster of pokemon so I decided to try and do the same. Each pokemon game in the series is based loosely on a real world location adding to the design of architecture and design of certain pokemon so like this I will base my designs on the sunny UK since that’s where I live. I have come up with 151 unique pokemon and now comes the challenge of illustrating them all. First of all my grass starter of my series of Fake Pokemon Verdix.


001 Verdix

Brown Paper Biro Sketches


Monkey Dude




A penguin-esque creature with a  suspicious look. Experimented with the dot-work tattooing technique with this one.



Drew this guy after watching a slew of spider documentaries, spiders are so cool. Its easy to draw inspiration from something that seems so alien.


Priest Prince Coloured

Really happy with how this turned out, don’t draw people too often so this was quite refreshing to do.



Priest Prince Grey Tone

Biro Sketches

Arboblin Fish Chicken Priest Prince copy Slitcht

Beddle Beetle